Atlas 46 Ultimate Builders & Contractor Tool Belt System

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Based on feedback and testing from chippies, we’ve put together the ultimate builders and contractor tool belt system specifically designed for Australian conditions and job sites.

Made in the USA 🌎

Lifetime Guarantee 👍🏼

46 day Test It, Review It, Inspect It. 😎

If you’re not completely satisfied with the purchase, return the USED product for a full refund. We are confident in our product, enough to let you try it out risk-free for 46 days.


24/7 Comfort-Tuff™ Suspenders Heavy Duty

AIMS™ Hammer Hold

The superior angled design of the AIMS™ Hammer Hold positions your hammer to where it feel like an extension of your body.

AIMS™ Screw and Nail Attachment Pouch v2 × 2

Padded Suspender Yoke – optional

AIMS™ Murphy Speed Pouch with Nelson Freedom Clip – optional

AIMS™ Jab Saw Sheath – optional

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